Cowboys Team Bus Crash

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Cowboys Team Bus Crash

Postby VegasSkinsFan » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:26 pm

Just got a blurb on my feed. 4 dead in a Cowboys Team Bus crash..looks like they were heading to vegas for a meet and greet. Sad to see 4 deaths, honestly praying it isn't any of the team members, not that other lives arent worth the same value, just saying that as a football fan. Im not sure if any of the players were on the bus or not. Details a bit sketchy and still coming in.
last unofficial update I saw was that no one on the bus died, the people who died were in a van that crashed with the bus. Not sure if van hit bus, or bus hit van. will wait to update until I see something a bit more concrete.
update: no players were on the bus, nobody on the bus was injured. All 4 deaths were in the van. That stretch of highway is dangerous, where even though its a highway there are roads that you can turn on/off of as opposed to having exit ramps etc. Apparently the van pulled out to turn left and got hit by the bus. I saw a video of the aftermath, you couldn't even tell it was a van...sad.

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