Chasing a Ghost

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Chasing a Ghost

Postby I Dan tha Man I » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:09 pm

Hello Redskin Fans. I am a redskin fan who was interested in making a video on the 2005 Redskins similar to those old video yearbooks they used the NFL used to have. The 2005 and the '99 skins were probably the best teams of my life but I was a little to young to appreciate '99. I found a highlight video of the 2005 season which I will link, The video seemed good but I was wondering where I could get the raw footage. Anyway at the end of the video a contact email ( was listed as well as the message "Edited by 'WeWantDallas' proud member of So first I tried to email him to ask for access to the raw footage only to find the email no longer existent. Then I tried the website only to find it no longer online. Through Wayback Machine , I found that shut down in January However they did link this website for their members to go to. So now I'm here on this website asking if anybody has any information on the man I seek know as 'WeWantDallas' so I could contact him for the footage or any leads let me know please.

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