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Practice Squad Guess 2 Weeks out

Posted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:41 pm
by VegasSkinsFan
Lets hear who you think/want on the 10-man Practice Squad...give reasons if you feel like it :

CB- Tevin Homer 6'2" 191lbs....decent size, no shot at roster
DL- Joey Mbu 6'3" 323lbs..young with upside, could be surprise Final 53 guy
DL- Ondre Pipkins 6'3" 321 , needs more work and worth a shot
OG- Tyler Catalina 6'6" 325lbs...great size but raw. Would list Kyle Kalis too, but I think he is going to make the Final 53, if not, you try to get him on the PS.
LB- Lyndon Trail and Pete Robertson..Josh Harvey-Clemons too if he doesn't make the team, which looks a bit slim at the moment.
OT- John Kling 6'8" 328lbs...huge guy, see what Callahan can do with him
S- Fish Smithson..assuming he doesn't make the Final 53
WR- Zach Pascal 6'2" 219lbs...seems to have some upside

Those are my 10/11 currently, one has to be gone and my guess is Kalis making the main roster. Gives us 2 DL, 2 OL , 2 Dbs , 3LB ( 2 are ILB ), 1 WR...might need a replacement next year for Quick/Grant. Thoughts??