World Cup 2018

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World Cup 2018

Postby Moe » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:05 am

so there's a little tourney coming up, and seems like there's been a little bit of soccer talk in the forums in the past and I know one regular, kbg, who's country is actually taking part (sigh). Anyhoo, it's a discussion forum, so random WC thoughts here we come!

Who advances from groups:
Group A- weakest of the tourney (well done Russia), seems a cake walk for Uruguay, would have selected Egypt were Salah 100% but I think Russia might sneak out based on experience.

Group B- the Iberian Penninsula reigns. Portugal and Spain should cruise.

Group C- France and Denmark (sorry kbg). What the Aussie's lack in talent they always put out great effort, but France might take it all if they get their heads right and Denmark is quite strong in midfield.

Group D - IMO the trickiest one to pick. Argentina has Messi but that team is old and shaky in many spots. Iceland are a sentimental favorite to pull for but they might have spent their magic at the Euro's. Croatia has some stars and I think they take the group. Nigeria are always a tough out, but i don't know much about that team this year. Probably crazy to bet against Messi, so i won't, Argentina and Croatia advance.

Group E- Brazil is a prohibitive tourney favorite and I think they advance, the remaining three are a tough mix. All have experience and high level talent in spots...think the grit of Serbia comes through.

Group F- Germany does what Germany does and while I can see them taking it all, I can see them faltering in quarter finals just as easily, but they'll advance. I think the second team to advance is between a Zlatan-less Sweden and Mexico, giving the nod to our friends south of the border, when on they can stun some people.

Group G- Belgium are this tourney's 'most talented but haven't won anything' team. I think they and England slide on thru, although Tunisia could provide some tense moments.

Group H- another tough group to sort out. Poland can score but can they defend? Columbia has some stars but struggled in qualifiers. Japan is always well organized and in Kagawa and Okezeki they have some quality. Mane for Senegal will give D's fits but beyond him they are thin. I don't love any of them, but think Columbia and Poland squeak through but could see Japan mucking things up a bit.
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