Washington Commanders Board Guidelines

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The following are the governing guidelines and policies of BurgundyandGoldNation.com. All members should read the guidelines and are required to adhere to all of them. These guidelines are proactive and aimed at maintaining the sense of community spirit, family atmosphere, and forum culture B&GN was founded upon. These guidelines may be changed, revised, added to, or deleted at any time. If you have any questions about whether your conduct may violate these guidelines, please re-refer to them and contact a Moderator or Administrator. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines or need further clarification, please PM one of the Moderators or Site Admins and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

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BurgundyandGoldNation.com Board Guidelines

SECTION 001: Conduct
We ask that you respect members of this site when posting. Members are free to discuss any topics in any of the forums and we invite that. We ask that you post your threads in the forum they belong in. We have a total of 3 forums. Please be sure to look over each forum so you know what topics go in which forums. They are topic specific forums. The Site Admins and Moderators will move or delete a thread that is not placed in the appropriate forum. If repeat posting in the wrong forum continues by a member, warning will be issued and the right to create topics can be denied. We ask that you not personally attack members of this board if their opinion is different from your own. Admins and Moderators will interpret personal attacks, issue warnings, and take corrective actions. Of course the Admins of B&GN reserve the right to ban you without warning if they deem it necessary. This board exists so that members can exchange differing opinions on various topics. However, this is a board dedicated to the fans of the Washington Redskins and that's something we all have in common. State your opinions strongly but don't, under any circumstances, personally attack other members for their opinions. We RESPECT AND APPRECIATE our Members and will not permit this kind of behavior.

SECTION 002: Posting
The purpose of this board is for the friendly exchange of ideas and opinions about the Redskins and other appropriate topics by its members. Personally attacking a member or name calling WILL NOT be tolerated. Profanity (masked or not) is prohibited. It is also prohibited to post in ALL CAPS which is considered shouting. Any post that contains ALL CAPS will have the content and/or post deleted. This also means creating threads that have all caps in the title. The first and second offense could warrant a warning via email or PM from an Admin or Moderator. The third offense means you will be banned from this board. B&GN Administrators retain the right to discipline as they see fit and banishment may occur without first and second warning, dependent on the offense as determined by the Admins. Again, please understand when joining B&GN, we have a close, respectful community culture and have a membership that is diverse in age as well, from older fans to children, and only appropriate content will be permitted. We welcome you to be part of it, but we will protect and maintain the integrity of the community.

We have several Forums for the posting of topics. Please put your post in the appropriate forum or it will be MOVED OR DELETED. For those who don't know, see below:

The Cherokee Redskins Tribe - Discuss anything about the Washington Redskins
Navajo All NFL Tribe - To discuss other NFL issues other than the Redskins
Apache Off Topic - Anything you want to discuss

SECTION 002 SUBSECTION (a) Inappropriate Content. Pornography, sexually explicit material, violence, racially, gender, and sexual preference discrimination material or derogatory statements and words, and offensive posts, words, and behavior ( as defined by the Site Administrators) of any kind IS NOT permitted and will result in corrective action and possible banishment from our Forums. The Site Administrators will determine inappropriate behavior.

SECTION 002 SUBSECTION (b) Posting of Official Forum Threads When discussing games, draft, or whatever, your thoughts, opinions, assessments are not only welcome, but greatly encouraged. We will provide many opportunities for you to address several issues. Feel free to create threads when a unique topic appears to you that you believe needs discussed. Again, we encourage that.

SECTION 003: Multiple Threads
Our policy on MULTIPLE THREAD POSTING is being created to keep the B&GN forums uncluttered, interesting and easy to follow. The Policy is simple: Check the forum's first 2 pages (60 threads) to see if a topic already exists in which you would like to discuss. (For Example...there is no reason to have 5 to 6 different Sean Taylor threads.). Lately the Boards have been cluttered with multiple threads on the same topic, particularly after a game. We pride ourselves on having interesting, thought provoking, and intelligent discussion here at B&GN, but much of it gets pushed off with these types of duplicate threads. Should you accidentally post a duplicate topic thread and catch it, please send a PM to a B&GN Admin or Moderator. They will take care of merging the thread on your behalf. Should you simply create a duplicate topic thread because you did not first preview the forum, it will be merged or deleted and you will be sent a PM. After that, you will then receive a warning via PM from an Admin or Moderator, after which forum disciplinary actions can be taken, either suspension or banishment. An excellent way to avoid this is to use the Link at the top Titled "New Posts" which will show you threads/posts that have been created since your last visit to B&GN. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in your thread being deleted and disciplinary actions being taken on your Membership. Please keep Topics interesting, thought provoking and knowledgeable. Frivolous topics will be deleted. Frivolous topics are defined at the discretion of the Admins. We not only WANT but ENCOURAGE your posting, but we ask that you do it thoughtfully, so ALL members can enjoy B&GN.

SECTION 004: User Names, Multiple Registration/User Name, User Name Change
You may choose your own name to register here at B&GN. Your user name must comply with our guidelines. Pornographic, sexually explicit, profanity, discriminatory, slanderers, and offensive user names are prohibited. The definition and labeling of such violation of user names is at the sole discretion of the B&GN Administrators. Multiple registration of user names is prohibited at B&GN. Once you register, you have a user name, and you must use that name for Membership at B&GN. Registering a second or additional name is prohibited and may result in a suspension or banishment from B&GN, as determined by the Site Administrators. Your user name you registered with is your membership name. If you wish to change your user name, you may request a user name change via email or private message to a B&GN Site Administrator. Your request will be considered and either approved or denied, at the sole discretion of the B&GN Site Administrators. The B&GN Site Administrators retain the right to deny, change, alter, delete, or use any user name at any time for any purpose.

SECTION 005: Avatars
Avatars are welcome at BurgundyandGoldNation.com forums as long as they are under the maximum pixel limitation. We also ask that you think wisely about the avatar that you choose. Remember, there are other members on the forums and we don't want to offend anyone. B&GN Admins define at their discretion what is appropriate and inappropriate avatars. If your avatar is found to be inappropriate or offensive, as defined above in the Addendum to posting, your avatar will be removed. If you continue to place inappropriate avatars or have repeat violations, your ability to customize your avatar will be REVOKED at the discretion of the Admins.

SECTION 006: Signatures
We also welcome signatures at the BurgundyandGoldNation.com forums and you are allowed to use some html tags. We do ask that if you include a picture in your signature, that you keep it to 400 x 150 pixels and less than 20,000 bytes. You should also only have 1 picture in your signature. An example of the size can be found below. We understand that some will be a little larger but please be considerate of others. We have had some users report issues with large pictures distorting their view of the actual text of the replies. Again this is to create a user-friendly environment for you the users. If your signature is inappropriate, as defined above in Posting Addendum or defined by the Site Admins as inappropriate, it will be deleted or altered. Repeated offenses will result in the revocation of your ability to alter your signature.

SECTION 007: Articles
If you would like to include an article in your post, we ask that you summarize the article and REQUIRE YOU TO provide a link to the article. Don't include any text of the article as this may infringe upon copyright laws, unless you use it in quotes, not in its entirety, and is appropriately linked to. We want to make sure that credit is provided to the author and providing a link to the article allows us to avoid any chance of copyright infringement. Now, if an article is only 1 or 2 paragraphs long, just provide the link. This also prevents replies from being very large due to long articles. If you want to provide information from a PAID site, then only include the link to the site. DO NOT post articles or information from PAID sites on the board. Any posts that violates this guideline will be edited to remove the text of the article and you will receive a warning. We will leave the link there and PM the users that the post was edited. Multiple infractions to this policy may result in membership corrective action

SECTION 008: Pictures (in general)
Pictures including nudity or offensive behavior as defined and at the discretion of the Admins are prohibited.

Our policy on advertising is we don't mind members having links in their signatures but we REQUIRE that if you want to create a thread that advertises something outside of BurgundyandGoldNation.com, that you contact an Admin for PRIOR approval, via PM or email, first before posting the thread. If you wish to provide a link to your own fan web site, you MUST seek prior approval and be authorized by the Site Admins. That is the courteous thing to do. The Admins will make a decision and get back to you with their decision. We can also provide paid advertising. Just contact an Admin for advertising rates. We take this very seriously. If you post a thread that advertises outside of BurgundyandGoldNation.com without the consent of the Admins, it will be removed and you will receive a PM notifying you why it was removed. Spamming isn't allowed at all. Please do not advertise B&GN on any other fan site with prior approval from the Admins of B&GN and the Admins of the other web site.

Posts that violate the guidelines will be edited/deleted by the Admins/moderators and they will notify you via a PM (personal message) why your reply was edited/deleted. We don't see this happening much because we feel we have a great group of members contributing to B&GN forums. We're just providing these guidelines to provide guidance to new users and ALL Members of the BurgundyandGoldNation.com community.

If you experience any problems or have suggestions or need further clarification for the forums, please feel free to contact one of the Moderators or Admins. This board is yours and we want you to make it the best that there is (we're on our way).

When you register for BurgundyandGoldNation.com and become a registered member, there are some restrictions on new members. New members are encouraged to get to know the board and the board's environment. This is not a smack talk board. This is a community/family oriented board and it takes new members some time to get acclimated to its environment. New members will have a group title of "Papoose". Your group title will change as your post number increases to the appropriate thresholds.